The ICU Coach Credentialing process consists of an online exam, hands-on coaching skills, and an experience requirement. 

Credentialing organises coaching competency into two core subjects, Building Skills (Stunts and Tosses) and Tumbling. These tests are designed to create a safer environment, by developing standards through proper skill progressions.

After an online test and hands on assessment coaches experience is validated, the coach will receive credentials through the Level(s) passed. These credentials come in certificate form and are valid for 3 years.

Please note: This is NOT a course it is an exam and qualification.  We will be offering courses throughout the year, however if there are no upcoming courses listed at this time please contact the Scottish ICU CSC Facilator to discuss arranging one if required.

 Individual credentialing slots can be arranged in Glasgow.  Travel expenses and an admin fees may also apply.

Outside of Glasgow we can arrange a credentialing date however there must be a minimum of 5 candidates.  Travel expenses will apply.

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