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SportCheer Scotland

SportCheer Scotland is the governing body for cheerleading in Scotland and is affiliated to the International Cheer Union (ICU) and SportCheer UK. SportCheer Scotland is managed by a board of directors and governed by statutes as voted for by our board members. 

SportCheer Scotland is working to promote cheerleading as a sport in Scotland and support clubs to develop their own program as well as developing Cheerleading throughout Scotland and the UK.  

Our aim is to build membership base to ensure that clubs and the coaches volunteering or employed by the clubs  are qualified and provide a safe learning environment.   We believe that membership of SportCheer Scotland will give parents, guardians and employers peace of mind when choosing a club/coach with the required credentials.  

As a governing body we will work hard to safeguard Scotlands athletes and will have processes in place to deal with complaints and appeals for member EPs, coaches and training providers.

SportCheer Scotland manages Scotlands National Cheer and Performance Cheer Teams.  Our athletes and coaches are available for camps, TV appearances, sporting and charity events as well as promotional and entertainment bookings.





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